PIX App Deprecation

MAY 27 2021

We recently sent out a support email because our records indicated that some PIX users had recently logged into a version of the PIX desktop application that was due for retirement after May 14th. We have been busy working to make the PIX user experience more streamlined and it’s now time for us to remove the old and outdated versions of the application.

If not already done so, please upgrade your version of the PIX application. You can download the latest PIX desktop application HERE.

If you are on a Disney-issued computer, you'll need to update PIX via Software Center (PC) or Disney Self Service (Mac). The portal will be updated with the most up-to-date version of PIX imminently. If you have trouble installing, please contact the Disney IT help desk by calling 1-866-5-Disney for assistance.

If you need to access PIX immediately, you can always log in to PIX without a download via the web by visiting project.pixsystem.com/web using a Chrome browser.

For additional information on what applications are currently available, please visit the PIX Help Center.

Thank you,

The PIX Client Team

As always, you can reach the PIX Client Support Team directly at support@pixsystem.com

US +1 415 357 9720
UK +44 (0) 20 3695 4945




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